How to win at blackjack, strategies without counting cards

The preferences of casino visitors differ, some prefer video slots with colorful graphics and simple rules, others like table games, cards, roulette, where you can stick to a standard strategy. Among the most popular table games is blackjack.

Blackjack strategies

Visitors to land-based casinos playing live blackjack against a human dealer always wanted to know how to win blackjack at a casino and try to use gaming strategies. Almost all of them are based on counting the cards that came out and remained in the deck. This strategy has long been known not only to players, but also to casino employees, and if a player is suspected of using it, he may refuse to service.

Popular strategies include:

  1. The Martingale system is one of the strategies that can be freely used to win. All you need to do is to double the bet after a loss, and in case of wins, place a minimum bet. Such a system allows you to compensate for losses and get a small gain.
  2. La Boucher’s strategy also boils down to increasing bets on losses and decreasing on wins, but instead of doubling, a more complex system for calculating the size of bets is used.
  3. Finally, the simplest, but oddly enough, the most effective strategy is flat betting. It consists of not changing the size of the bets from the beginning to the end of the game. If you play with small bets, it does not promise fantastic profits, but the bankroll will not be exhausted fast.

If you pick one of these strategies you are more likely to figure out how to win at blackjack and get a win big.

How to win at blackjack with a live dealer

Recently, the game of blackjack with a live dealer has become especially popular. This has several undeniable advantages over an ordinary game:

  • Full immersion in the atmosphere of a real casino;
  • Maximum realism;
  • The possibility of winning based on the human factor;
  • Lack of RNG (random number generator);
  • Real communication with the dealer.

Thanks to modern technologies, the broadcast is conducted from a real casino and the user can see the whole process in real-time.

How to win at blackjack with a live dealer and do it consistently is a big question, and of course, people try counting cards. There are a large number of strategies that work with varying degrees of efficiency, but the main thing is that they are all allowed in online casinos.

Basic strategy #1

So, imagine the following situation: the dealer shows a card with a face value from 2 to 6. Most likely, he will have a weak hand, because according to the rules of the game, the dealer must take cards up to at least 17 points.

Based on this strategy, when the dealer shows a card from 2 to 6, the user with 11 points or less should take cards, stopping at 12 or more. And if the dealer has 5-6 open, then the player with 10 or 11 points should go for double.

Basic strategy #2

Often, players prefer to settle for 12 points against 7 or 13 against 8. This is due to the fear of overkill. This basic strategy implies the obligatory drawing of one more card, even if it really brings an overkill in the end.

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