Blackjack rules for Australian casino players — the most important moments

Blackjack (known also as “21”) is the simplest and shortest card game, and simple blackjack rules have contributed to its immense popularity. The name of the game has American roots and comes from the combination of Ace and Jack of black suits (initially, these were Spades). According to casino blackjack rules, 21 points is the best hand. However, now, it is not necessary that this combination should be “black” only. It can be any picture card or 10 and an Ace.

Blackjack rules in simple words

The basic blackjack card game rules say that a gambler needs to score 21 points — a guaranteed win — or even less, but definitely more than the croupier. However, if one of the gamers scores more than 21, then he will lose. Everything is clear from the very beginning.

Blackjack is the only casino game in which the player has a mathematical advantage over the house (the dealer’s first card is dealt face up). Nevertheless, to turn these advantages into money, a gamer needs to be able to count cards (retired from the game, remaining in the game). It can be quite difficult for a newbie as initially six to eight decks are involved in the game. Such a skill is hardly tough for an ordinary person. Meanwhile, from the very beginning, the advantage is on the side of a player.

Some important things to remember before starting playing BJ

Although blackjack rules seem to be really very easy, there are several moments, which Australian players must consider:

  • If a player has cards of the same rank in his hand, for example, 5 and 5, then he can split his hand into two. Then each of these two hands will play with stakes equal to the original chip count. The player can split several times during one game;
  • The second important option is to double the bet (Double). The player can get a card and double the bet amount if he thinks he has a good chance of winning. The player can also buy one more card, when he feels he needs it;
  • Surrender is another special feature that allows a player to return half of a bet after receiving the first two cards;
  • Insurance — this is one of the side bets that can be offered to gamblers when the croupier has an Ace. This bet pays 2: 1. If the casino (croupier) has a natural blackjack, the gamer, who used Insurance will get his original bet back.

These are just the basics of blackjack rules that some players know since childhood. In fact, this is a very simple game and it may take only a few minutes to master it. But besides luck, this card game is based on mathematical analysis, and it needs the gambler’s attention and concentration.

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