Basic Baccarat Rules – How to Play this Card Game Like A Pro

If you are new to this game, you should learn numerous issues before going to the baccarat table – basic baccarat rules, your winning odds, bankroll management features and so on. In addition, you need to study all game terms and choose the best betting strategy to be a successful player. Even if you do not have a complete understanding of the rules of this popular casino classics, it will not be a problem to play – you will be guided by the dealer. However, knowledge of the basic rules is mandatory, so do not neglect the opportunity to learn the game before you start betting for real money. Although this game has fairly strict rules that not allow players to choose from a lot of options, it is still as exciting as blackjack or poker. So, if you are ready for an amazing gaming experience full of intrigue, then start by exploring the baccarat rules of play to join the gameplay faster.

Essentials of Baccarat Casino Game

Baccarat is a simple game that allows you to place bets on three simple types of bets – Banker, Player and Tie. Keep in mind that the Banker does not refer to the house. You can play baccarat at a real gambling establishment or its virtual analogue on a gambling site. The table has a lot of common with the table for playing dice and allows 12-14 players to play simultaneously. So, here are a few points of baccarat rules and strategy you should know before you start:

  1. Baccarat is played with a 6-deck or 8-deck shoe. There are points for each card – cards below 10s are counted by their face value, face cards and 10s are counted as 0, Ace has worth 1. Your goal is to get 9 or close to this value.
  2. Before the cards are dealt, players place their bets on any hand – Player or Banker. There is also a bet on a Tie which is the most risky and the highest paid at the same time (8:1, while a bet on the hand of a Banker or a Player is paid 1:1).
  3. The Banker and the Player are provided with two cards per hand by dealer. Having 0-5 points, the Player has the right draws a third card. If the Banker has 0-2 he can take a third card. Either the Player or the Banker can take the third card if the Banker has 3-6 points in the sum of two cards.
  4. Any hand wins with 8 or 9 points, provided that the opponent scored less points. If none of the participants has 8 or 9, then an additional card can be dealt. With the same amount of points at the Player and Banker hands, the Tie bet wins. You can find a table describing the additional card baccarat rules on the Internet in order to understand when the third card is issued to the Banker or the Player in the game.

When betting on the Banker, keep in mind that in case of victory, you would pay 5% fee.

Tips and Strategies to Play Baccarat

Although there is no strategy that guarantees your 100% success, we give you some tips to help you be a better player:

  • Learn the basic baccarat rules to be well-versed in what is happening on the table.
  • Always choose a bet on a Banker as it has the lowest house edge.
  • Use a 1-2-3-6 strategy as well as some other strategies based on numerical sequences (Fibonacci, Martingale) – but not for the Tie bet.
  • Learn how to manage your bankroll wiser and never bet more than you can afford.

You need to pocket some of your winnings throughout the game – or to pocket all your winnings – to minimize your possible losses.

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